sobota 19. září 2015

I used to follow you in the darkness

I used to follow you in the darkness
but it was okay because you always knew the way back
and I guess there are things you can't do in the light

And one time I stayed there after you turned back home
even when you called me with you
and I was whispering your name
because it belonged here
but I never raised my voice
to let you know where I am
so you could find me and bring me back

I'm sorry
because this time you had to follow me
and that just wasn't right

I'm not really sure why I did that
maybe I just wanted to get to know the darkness
because it seemed like your friend
It was never about the way
it was about holding hands

That even though I wanted to cover my eyes with them
I never did

That even though I was scared to go
I always did

That ever though I didn't know why I trusted you
I did

Maybe I don't even like the light.

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